Renewable Heat Incentive

What Is It?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government scheme that rewards you for generating heat from renewables. It is due to come into effect in spring 2014 and will cover heat producing technologies, such as ground source heat pumps, solar thermal hot water systems, biomass boilers and air-source heat pumps. This means that both renewably sourced electricity and heat will be rewarded by spring 2014, as renewably sourced electricity is already rewarded through the Feed-In Tariff. In the meantime, those that install eligible technologies will receive the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP). The payments were increased as of 1st April 2013 and the RHPP , which is now in Phase 2, will last until 31st March 2014, before the RHI itself begins. Phase 2 now requires a Green Deal Assessment, which will need to take place before the voucher can be claimed. This is to ensure the homeowner has all the appropriate information available to them before making a decision on which renewable energy system to install. The RHPP has been put in place to avoid a delay in renewable heat technology uptake. You can see how much you could be eligible for below:

Technology Amount Voucher valid for Availability
Air Source Heat Pumps £1,300 5 months Properties where mains gas is not currently used as the main heating fuel
Biomass Boilers £2,000 6 months
Ground Source Heat Pumps £2,300 6 months
Solar Water Heating £600 3 months All domestic properties

The form of the reward in the Renewable Heat Incentive will be a payment, calculated depending on how much you heat you generate. The Incentive means you can gain a real advantage through installing renewably-sourced heat generation systems. You can save money by moving off the gas network (avoiding the increasing non-renewable energy costs), and by earning money through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

How Can I Benefit?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is the first in the world of its kind. See how it could benefit you below.

Ground-source Heat Pumps

  • 18.8p /kWh Tariff lifetime: 7yrs

Air-source Heat Pumps

  • 7.3p /kWh Tariff lifetime: 7yrs

Solar Thermal

  • From 19.2p /kWh Tariff lifetime: 7yrs

Solid Biomass

  • 12.2p /kWh Tariff lifetime: 7yrs

More information and the latest on the Renewable Heat Incentive

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