Developers, Builders and Architects

Positive Footprint is committed to its partnerships with developers, builders and architects in the design and installation of the renewable energy projects we undertake. This means we are able to take care of your renewable energy system in its entirety, whatever combination of renewable energy and distribution systems you may choose to install. This eliminates the possibility of having to fork out for external companies to finish the job off.

At Positive Footprint we are well aware that it is imperative to integrate renewable energy systems into the design from the start. This ensures that a cost effective, up-to-standards, efficient system is installed. With Positive Footprint, you will find that our new build renewable energy projects work in perfect harmony with the property. To explore the potential renewable energy options available for your project, please send us a copy of the site plans and we would be delighted to get back to you, answering any of your queries.