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  • How can I tell how well my PV or wind system is performing?

    A power meter should be installed in your home as part of the system which tells you how much electricity you generate, how much you use and how much is then forwarded onto the

  • Are solar panels only fitted onto a roof?

    No. Solar panels can also be fitted onto a vertical wall or onto a specially constructed frame in your

  • Does shade affect solar panels?

    Shade reduces the energy absorbed by solar panels. For PV, partial shading of a module is a particular problem and should be

  • What happens to my solar PV system supply when there is no sunshine?

    On an overcast but light day your panels can produce energy up to around 25% of their full capacity. A period of no sunlight, however, will mean that you will need to use grid power to supplement your solar power. The length of time a solar system can work without sunlight depends very much on the nature of the system. If you are not connected to the grid you will need to supplement your solar power system in times of no sunlight by electricity from batteries (this could be excess you have not used but have chosen to store rather

  • If I move house, can I transfer my solar panels to the new property?

    This is not advisable as it would probably cost more to move your existing ones than to buy new ones. Also, solar panels can significantly increase the price you get for selling your existing home which would go towards new installation costs. The size and number of your existing panels may not be suitable for your new

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