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  • Can a wind turbine be moved once it is has been installed?

    Yes it can. Costs will be incurred to dismantle it and move it to a new, suitable site and re-install

  • If I install a renewable energy system, how long can I expect it to last?

    You can expect a renewable energy system such as solar panels to last about twenty years but some parts may need replacing during this time and an annual inspection is

  • Do wind turbines require much looking after?

    No. The maintenance on domestic wind turbines is normally just an annual check which the manufacturer can arrange with an approved

  • What if the wind stops blowing?

    When the wind stops blowing, electricity continues to be provided through the supply network by the other forms of energy generation such as grid electricity from power

  • Do wind turbines produce electricity all the time?

    No, as the wind is intermittent. The capacity factor (the proportion of maximum energy produced) of a wind turbine ranges from 5% for badly sited machines to 25% in very windy

  • Can a wind turbine be connected up to the grid?

    Yes, but you need to get this approved by your local electricity distribution company. Any energy generated (that used and the excess you sell) is eligible for Renewable Obligation

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