8.01kW In-Roof Domestic System

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Key Points – Solar PV Installation – Retro Fit – In-Roof, Sheffield, UK
Type of Property / Building Detached Bungalow
Technology Solution Solar PV
Type of System 8kW In-Roof Solar PV System

The Requirement

A complete Solar PV roof that needed to be totally integrated with the existing development. A complete set of bespoke engineered roof flashings were designed and integrated with the roof. This provided a totally sealed solar PV roof for the building.

System Configuration

System Configuration – Solar PV Installation – Retro Fit – In-Roof, Sheffield, UK
Number of PV panels 47 Panels
Output of each PV Panel 170 Watts
Weight of each PV Panel 17kg
Area of Panels 65 Square Meters
Peak Output 8.01kW Peak
Type of Roof Kit Complete Roof, Landscape Orientation
Type of System Grid Connected with Battery Back Up

Performance Benefits / Savings

Performance Benefits / Savings – Solar PV Installation – Retro Fit – In Roof, Sheffield, UK
Energy generated per annum (estimated) 6,950 kW Hours
Annual Saving in CO2 Emissions 5,500 kg
Feed in Tariff income per annum £3,300
  • Provides 100% of annual electricity requirements
  • House generates more electricity than consumed
  • No annual grid electricity consumption
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Increased property value